a picture is worth a thousand words

Cruising the Caribbean

The start of our cruise itself was quite an adventure. The tropical storm Issac was out in the area, South of Miami and the cruise ships could not come in as the ports in Florida were closed. So we were holed up in a hotel trying to ride out the storm. Finally with much anticipation we boarded one of the best in the Carnival fleet. Having booked our rooms nearly a year in advance after considerable research, we probably got the best of the rooms and a good deal.

Miami at dawn – pulling off from the port

Once out in the high seas, it was smooth sailing. So much to discover on board with so many levels and so many passengers. So much of food too. Must have gained over 10#

Docked in Roatan Island with some wonderful beaches

Warm waters of Honduras

The hostess at the beach bar

At the beach bar

The flying diver

Back on board, enjoying the pool deck

Heading for land at the crack of dawn

The girls at the Tequila factory

last of the stops before heading back to home port

catching some Caribbean sun

Getting back from some snorkeling

Tow of the Carnival ships docked at the Roatan island

Colorful portside tourist trap

A shipwreck off the coast of Honduras

Exploring an old Tequilla factory and some tasting

The souvenir shop – engaged in their own game

In the wake of the ship – goodbye to the blue waters of the Caribbean

3 views from the balcony of our room as we watch the blue waters, a dawn breaking over the ocean and docked beside another ship

Back to Miami – sailing into the port



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