a picture is worth a thousand words

Memories of Vegas

Vegas has something for everyone. Gambling is not my thing, so for my weekend stopover I needed to find other exciting things. For a photographer, there is so much happening and a lot to capture. People in all hues and shades.

Larger than life malls have their own theme

Larger than life malls have their own theme

The recreation of Venice was a treat to capture. The halls rang out from the baritone voice of this Gondolier, echoing the classic rendering from the walls


The singing Gondoliers on the Canal The singing Gondoliers on the Canal

Vegas reminds me of Dubai where everything is created to be  larger than the original. Here is the Paris section of the strip. Got the pictures of the tower that I missed in Paris. The Beligia fountains were recently voted as the number 1 attraction in the US


Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

People watching is quite a past time as walk the Strip. A bunch of Gondoliers taking a break from all their singing and rowing


Music everywhere – from the wandering musicians to those performing on the road side to malls and lobby’s and the big shows all over


Vegas entertainment is mostly out of Canada – two of the biggest shows are by Canadian stars –  Celine Dion and Shanaia Twain. Rest of the big shows are all from Cirqu-de-sole from Montreal




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