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Home Interior design and reno

It took quite a while and a lot of debate finalising the layout and design. Finally we selected material, colours, checked out my engineering for safety and structural soundness before engaging couple of specialist contracts to renovate our kitchen. We researched a lot about the type of surface we wanted. Quartz was the first choice, but the artist in me could not find the movement and flow in them.
The Kitchen Renovation
webIMG_6601So picked a big movement Granite from Brazil – the Typhoon Bordeaux with its artistic veins and shades of red wine.
webIMG_6598Not enough space for an island – so did a peninsula 44″ x 52″ and got a wall cabinet above. The size was large enough to create an artistic canvas for the granite slab with an overhang of 14″ for breakfast counter and seating. The difficulty was structural support for the cantilever, which was achieved using 1/2″ plates and 3/4″ plywood substrate.
The counter stool selected is Skagnen (Scandinavian). Also managed to build a pantry and switch the corner cabinet to a lazy susan system to increase access and storage. Set up a system of under-counter lighting and dimmers all around for warmth all achieved with LEDs. As the kitchen connects to the family room on one side and the dining room on the other, it now becomes the focus for guests and entertainment. The main floor is tied together with the polished Oak hardwood pklank floors running right through
The rest of the main floor
We had our dinner club over for a formal meal on completion of the kitchen. Seems it was the right time to click pictures of all them main floor rooms. The dining room in similar colour scheme with rosewood table and chairs.
webIMG_6610 - Copy
The drawing room too has similar palette with earthy siennas and maroons
webIMG_6614 - Copy
webIMG_6615 - Copy
And finally the family room, with its inviting wood burning fireplace and displays
webIMG_6607 - Copy
The media room
And my favourite escape,  the home theatre on the lower floor, which is also the man cave, with select technology for audio/videophiles. The new 4k, 65″ LED tv and infinity sound.
webIMG_6618 - Copy




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