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Travel through Asia & ME, 2016

Abu Dhabi: Stopped in the Arab Emirates to go through Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a few days. Both cities have grown since I was last there about 13 years ago. In the process they have lost their uniqueness and look like any other manufactured city. The malls, the brands, the designs are all very similar to most towns around the world which have no history.

The Abu Dhabi mosque had its beauty.


The City itself has been beautified around the Corniche area
Dubai: Dubai has changed too over the years. Certainly the architecture is inspiring, but it has got crowded and in many ways begins to look like another modern city without much character.



Dubai Miracle Garden was a riot of colours. Very well maintained for a desert climate


Goa and Konkan Coast: Holidayed in the beach haven of Goa on the West Coast of India. This is truly a holiday town, with some very fine resorts, hotels and restaurants. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt in North Goa, but hung around and ate in several food shacks which are built right on the beach.




Old Goa has many historical spots. Here at the St Francis of Assissi Church and Basilica of Bom Jesus which preserves the body of St Francis Xavier


Colourful Local markets and streetswebIMG_1097webIMG_1090webIMG_1085webIMG_1081webIMG_1073webIMG_1009webIMG_1343webIMG_1094webIMG_1089webIMG_1080webIMG_1078webIMG_1076webIMG_1163webIMG_1200webIMG_1586webIMG_1532webIMG_1040webgoa14goaIMG_1498webIMG_1388webgoa7webdeepasmlrWEBIMG_1672webIMG_0897webgoa9webIMG_1620webIMG_1619webIMG_0906webbIMG_0903

Fisher-folk on the Konkan Coast

webIMG_0756web2IMG_0729webIMG_0724webbeach5 - Copywebbeach3 - CopyWEBIMG_0734webvinibeach2 - Copy




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  1. David Bogart

    Superb photos. Must have been a fabulous trip.

    April 1, 2016 at 3:16 pm

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