a picture is worth a thousand words

Mountain Biking in Whistler BC

webIMG_5119Whistler is certainly the ski capital of the world. Ever wondered what a ski resort does in summer? The ski trails become Mountain Bike trails and the ski lifts become bike lifts.  You may associate mountain biking with trails and and cross country, but in Whistler the true mountain culture takes over biking too. The thrill of hurtling down the slopes and steep mountain sides, after riding up the lifts and gondolas.

webIMG_5115At the first station up the Whistler mountain. The ski lifts will take you up here


WEBIMG_5044At the top of the ski run

webIMG_5177Past the obstacles, down the rock face

webIMG_5235Up in the air

WEIMG_5010On the way up, waiting for the gondola to take you up the mountain

webIMG_5195Age or gender is no bar to this sport. There were many boomers up there negotiating the mountain.


webIMG_5037These hills belong to the bike

WEBIMG_5000 At the base in the bike park

WEBIMG_5014It is pretty up there, though at the speeds one rushes down the mountain, I am not sure you get much time to take in the view


WEBIMG_4997A quick break to catch up with the messages and post a few on face book

WEBIMG_5023Friends gather at the whistler peak before heading down

WEBIMG_5012All dressed up and waiting the Gondola. The bikers on the moutain have their own culture. from apparel to gear, it speaks volumes


WEBIMG_4998It pays to start young….




WEBIMG_3018Posing for the camera.





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